1,500,000 Acres Of Forest Destroyed By Bark Beetle

April 3, 2023 in Wild Numbers
1,500,000 Acres Of Forest Destroyed By Bark Beetle

The bark beetle is an insect that's only as big as a grain of rice, yet it aggressively attacks pine woods in the USA and Canada, destroying over 1,500,000 acres (6,070 km²) of forest every year. The most affected zone is Rocky Mountain National Park in USA, a protected area of spectacular mountain and forest environments.

The park offers 578 km (359 mi) of trails, 150 lakes and a huge diversity of wildflowers and wildlife. The views are awe-inspiring, but in recent years, it's been relentlessly attacked by the bark beetle which has destroyed most of the lodgepole pine trees over five inches in diameter.

In spite of this, a visit to the Rocky Mountains is a must for those looking for:

  • a scenic drive over the famous Trail Ridge Road
  • hiking and backpacking
  • horseback riding
  • rock climbing and mountaineering
  • cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
  • fishing
  • camping