18 Things to Pack for an Adventure

Last update: February 3, 2024 in Outdoor Gear & Guides
18 Things to Pack for an Adventure
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The Boy Scouts motto is ‘Be prepared’; and having the right kit is the key to any successful trip outdoors. It can be the difference between having a great time and ending up cold, wet, miserable or worse, lost because you forgot some essential item. Here is our list of 18 things to pack for your outdoor adventure.

Rucksack & Mountain Sticks

Firstly, a good rucksack ensures your essentials are close to hand. Daypacks are great for short trips but you’ll need a classic rucksack for longer trips or activities. Although rucksacks are carried on your shoulders, they’re supported by your back, legs and other muscles so it’s essential to get the right fit. The best bags can be adjusted to suit your frame and the size of your load. Do not forget to bring mountain sticks.

Water Bottle, Headlight, Knife & Sunscreen

Dehydration is one of the most common risks, so take a hard water bottle you can refill if you find a suitable natural source of water.

Our kit always includes a headlight to keep your hands free, and a knife, especially a swiss knife, can be useful in countless ways. But one of the most important things to bring would be sunscreen. The sun is merciless in summer time, so you need to protect your skin from the harmfull UV rays.

Sleeping Bag, Tent, Camping Mat, Cooking Kit & Chocolate Bar

An overnight stay will be fairly uncomfortable without a sleeping bag, camping mat and tent, and a hot meal can make all the difference at the end of the day, so also take some cooking kit (don’t forget matches!).

Throughout the day, a chocolate bar can boost your mood if your energy levels drop.


In new environments, it’s easy to stray too far without knowing when to turn back, so take your watch to keep an eye on the time.

Sunglasses & Boots

Weather is predictably unpredictable: check the forecast before you go, but we’d also recommend preparing for any eventuality. Dress in layers that can be added or removed, and take hats and gloves. Remember, sunglasses aren’t just for when it’s sunny – there can be high UV light levels even when it’s cloudy, especially in snow. You should always make sure you have the right boots for the terrain, and break them in before you go long distances.

Phone, GPS, Maps & Batteries

Mobiles are usually a great way to keep in touch and most now have GPS capability, maps and compass apps. Don’t forget your solar charger or spare batteries, but take a physical map too in case you go out of range.


And finally, don’t forget your camera to record memories of your trip so you can share them with the community here on NatureFlip. What’s your ‘must-have’ item when you go out and about? Let us know…

List Summary

  1. Rucksack
  2. Mountain Sticks (or Walking Sticks)
  3. Water Bottle (don't forget the water)
  4. Headlight
  5. Knife
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Sleeping Bag
  8. Tent
  9. Camping Mat
  10. Cooking Kit (+ Matches)
  11. Chocolate Bar
  12. Watch
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Boots
  15. Mobile Phone
  16. GPS/Maps
  17. Batteries
  18. Camera