35¢ To See The Rainforest

Last update: April 3, 2023 in Wild Numbers
35¢ To See The Rainforest

You can visit the Malaysian rainforest in Taman Negara National Park for only 35 US cents (1 Malaysian Ringgit). Add 5 more Ringgit and you can get a fishing permit for the entire length of your stay. Permits can be bought at the park headquarters, just across the river from the village in the park, Kuala Tahan.

If you don't wander too far into the jungle, exploring the forest is quite easy, even without a guide - here is a list of things to do in Taman Negara:

·         Canopy Walk (as presented in the picture above)

·         Jungle Trekking

·         Night Walking Safaris

·         Fishing

·         Cave Exploration

·         Bird watching

·         Climbing Gunung Tahan (Tahan Mountain) for those with good levels of physical fitness.