Birdwatching on Ameland Beach

Last update: March 13, 2024 in Activities & Places
Birdwatching on Ameland Beach

If you enjoy rugby, wildlife and nature, then Ameland Beach is well worth a visit. Situated on the northern coast of Holland, it can be reached by ferry from the mainland, but it also boasts its own airport. However, this is only open from April until October.

The island is relatively small at 274 km2 (106 mi2), but is not short of things to see or do. For example, every year in June, there is a rugby tournament for both men and women. Professionals and recreational players pit their skills against each other on the beach over three days. With rugby, of course, comes socializing, making for a very lively time indeed!

If this is too strenuous for you, you can always retreat to the sand dunes.

Ameland is an has a unique piece of nature character, and, due to the different plant and wildlifehabitats there, over 60 different species of birds can be seen each year. This makes Ameland Beach an ideal location for bird spotting and photography, surrounded by landscapes that are truly stunning.