Exploring the Vallorbe Caves in Switzerland

Last update: April 3, 2023 in Guest Trip Stories
Exploring the Vallorbe Caves in Switzerland
© Otalia Onta | natureflip.com

An underground river, Orbe, eroded for million of years the limestone layers of Jura mountains and created an enchanting world of textures and galleries.

Pavel and I decided to visit these secret wonders of Vallorbe Caves (in Swiss Jura) last September and we can promise you that these are by far the most interesting caves we've ever seen.

It was fantastic for us to discover cascades, lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, high-ceiling rooms formed by water, fistulas, limestone columns, and concretions in the shapes of prehistoric animals.

Stretching over 3 km, the galleries delighted us with a mesmerizing game of textures created by water and limestone.  It was the first time I saw Pavel acting as an "asian tourist" and photographing every little detail he saw.

Discovered in 1961 and open to public since 1974, the caves can be visited all year round.

Installations, modulated lighting focuses, duckboard passages and stairs allow great visiting conditions even for families with young children.

The splendor of viewing the caves is enhanced by a marvelous exhibition of minerals, the “Fairies’ Treasure”, from all part of the globe. Ladies, diamonds are not the only stones that spark.

Vallorbe is situated in Vallée de Joux, a great region for hiking and walks in nature, but when we went there, it was pouring so hard that we decided to find shelter in the Iron and Railway Museum in town centre. Here we got to forge our own medal that sits proudly on top of our fireplace.