Hiking in Table Mountain National Park

February 1, 2024 in Activities & Places
Hiking in Table Mountain National Park

Dramatically framing the city of Cape Town is the distinctive natural geological landmark of Table Mountain. An iconic symbol of South Africa, the mountain appears, as the name suggests, to form the shape of a table, with a 3km long flat plateau top edged by steep cliffs.

No climbing skills are required to make the dramatic ascent to the plateau, thanks to the Table Mountain Cable Way. Opened in 1929, the Cable Way has since allowed over 16 million visitors to experience the spectacular views from the top. By traveling in one of the cable cars, tourists can follow in the footsteps of famous names such as Margaret Thatcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI, to name but a few.

Rock climbing and caving are particularly popular with thrill seekers, although gentler activities include exploring some of the 57mi2 of hiking trails, which allow walkers to witness the myriad of wildlife that the Table Mountain National Park has to offer. While strolling around the base of the mountain, you can view more floral species in this small area than anywhere else on Earth. 

If you don’t know what to choose, try a local guided tour and discover the area in and around the National Park.