How To Stay Safe Knowing 5 Important Phone Numbers

Last update: April 10, 2024 in Wild Numbers
How To Stay Safe Knowing 5 Important Phone Numbers
How To Stay Safe Knowing 5 Important Phone Numbers © Gail Johnson,

You’re on the trip of a lifetime, but what if there’s an emergency? Knowing what to pack for any holiday is hard, but there are five emergency phone numbers that could help get you out of most tight spots - or even save your life.

Here are our five top recommendations for numbers to write down (phones can run out of battery!) and take with you when you’re out and about:

1. Your best friend / your parents. If disaster strikes, you may need some moral support. Or you may need something more practical like a transfer of money into your account. Either way, let someone know where you’re going and take along their number in case you need to contact them.

2. Your National Embassy. If your passport’s lost or stolen, or even worse you’re arrested, these are the guys who can help you get home in one piece. Also, make photocopies of your travel documents and store them online on a secure data storage site so you can access them in an emergency.

3. The local Police – in case your bags are stolen or you need to report another kind of crime.

4. Local emergency services. It’s a wild world out there – it’s best to know who to call if you get a bite from a snake you don’t recognise, or trip and fall. Many people don’t know you can call 112 anywhere in the EU for emergency services. But if you’re travelling outside the EU, make sure you know who to call if you need help.

5. Local experts. If you’re planning on engaging on some serious outdoor activities, like caving or mountaineering, who better to ask than someone who knows the terrain well? Take the number of a local guide – or even better, take one along with you!