No 27°C, No Takeoff

Last update: March 6, 2024 in Wild Numbers
No 27°C, No Takeoff

A butterfly needs to warms up its body up to 27°C (81 degrees Fahrenheit) before flying. In cool weather, butterflies warm up with a sun bath. But to avoid cold seasons, they migrate.

One of the most spectacular butterfly migrations is that of Monarch Butterflies. Hundreds of millions of butterflies travel thousands of miles from North America to their winter grounds in Mexico. 

To catch a glimpse of these butterflies, visitors can often enjoy the sight of thousands of hibernating Monarchs at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, 100km north of Mexico City. As millions of butterflies fill the air each year, visitors to the site can discover a once in a lifetime experience, and take part in a unique natural phenomenon. 

The best time to visit the reserve is early February, when the butterflies are most active. And what a better way to do it than on an organised tour with a local guide who knows everything about the Monarch butterflies?