Wildlife Watch on Wadden Sea Coastline in Netherlands

Last update: May 23, 2024 in Activities & Places
Wildlife Watch on Wadden Sea Coastline in Netherlands
Sunset light casts over Wadden Sea in the Netherlands © Bas Meelker, dreamstime.com

One of the most spectacular sights in The Netherlands that’s a ‘must see’ is the Wadden Sea coastline, a place where nature seems to carry on working on its own, mostly undisturbed. 

Wadden Sea coastline is a wetland area on the North Sea coast shared by The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It’s the characteristic channels and mud flats that make this region so exceptional, along with its highly dynamic landscape, continuously being reshaped by dramatic storms and the sweeping tide. 

Around 8,000 seals in total are found in the Dutch Wadden Sea. It is also considered one of the most important areas for migratory birds in the world, and 6.1 million birds can often be present here at the same time.