Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
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About Bali

Lying 8 degrees south of the equator is the island of Bali, a province of Indonesia. This small island is only around 5,700 km² (2,175 sq mi). In fact, you can actually drive right around the coast in the course of a day.


The mountain range running eastward from the centre is volcanic, which contributes to the island's lush fertility.

Fauna and Flora

Despite its small size, the island supports a huge diversity of plants and animals. Crops grown include rice and coffee, but there is a wealth of other trees, including banana, coconut and jackfruit. These are home to 250 species of birds, along with many mammals, including deer, wild boar, squirrels and monkeys. This abundance extends to the waters and coral reef surrounding Bali where scientists have discovered 957 species of reef fish and marine life, which includes sharks, turtles and manta ray.


Bali is one of the most popular exotic tourist destinations in Indonesia, if not the world, and also a winner of many travel and tourism awards.


The Balinese are renowned for their friendliness and love of the performing arts; so tourists will find many colourful displays of traditional music and dance.

The population of Bali is predominantly Hindu. There are over 20,000 temples here, inspiring many to visit the island to reconnect with their spirituality. Most visitors, however, come to indulge their senses and relax in the gentle tropical atmosphere by strolling along the white-sand beaches in the south or the black-sand beaches in the north and west.

Snorkelling among the coral reefs, diving and surfing are popular along the beautiful coastline, while mountain biking to explore the extraordinary scenery is also a popular pastime.

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Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
Latitude: -8.409885, Longitude: 115.182981