Barron Falls

Queensland (State), Australia

Partially Family Friendly

About Barron Falls

Set within the Barron Gorge National Park in Queensland, Australia, Barron Falls is on the Barron River where it descends from the Atherton Tablelands to the Cairns coastal plain. This cascade waterfall has a total height of 260 m (853 ft), but much of the water is diverted to generate hydroelectric power. Its full flow can only be seen after a heavy rainfall during the wet season (December to March). 


Access to the falls is via the highway, Kuranda Scenic Railway and the Skyrail, and opportunities to disembark at various points mean breath-taking views, whichever way you choose.

For the nature lovers, a visit to the nearby Rainforest Interpretation Centre is a must to learn all about the world of the tropical rainforests.

Stunning walking trails wind through the park and are graded for both the gentle strollers and the more adventurous ramblers.  Scenic boat tours are also available, providing an alternative way to drink in the amazing environment, variety of species and nature at its best.

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Queensland (State), Australia
Latitude: -16.834562, Longitude: 145.643794