Brodick Beach

North Ayrshire, Scotland

Family Friendly

About Brodick Beach

Brodick Beach is handy for all the local facilities, with a large grassy area and playing facilities for children. As an extra, you can see the calm beach of Strabane (also known as Dukes' Beach). This is isolated from Brodick by the mouth of the Rosa Burn, but it can be entered by footpath or from the principal road at Cladach. Brodick beach means fun for the entire family. Sunbathe, make sandcastles or have fun in the play park. It is simple to access for any visitor and is a stone’s throw from shops, pubs and restaurants. For those who like to explore, take a ride down Fisherman’s walk.

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North Ayrshire, Scotland
Latitude: 55.498695, Longitude: -5.092001

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