Cautley Spout

Cumbria, England

Not Suitable For Families

About Cautley Spout

Famed for being England’s highest above-ground waterfall, Cautley Spout falls an enormous 198 m (~650 ft) into the River Rawthey. Located in the Howgill Fells of Cumbria, England, Cautley Spout is perhaps one of the area’s most arresting sights. In harsh winters the water often freezes, creating a sparkling display of dramatic ice sculptures. Cautley Spout is a cascade waterfall, descending a series of four drops, the longest of which is 76 m (~250 ft).

A steep trail to the top of Cautley Spout offers a challenging hike for experienced climbers. The difficult terrain is well worth the effort, as on reaching the summit, hikers are rewarded with breathtaking views across the surrounding landscape.

Landscape Photography
Cumbria, England
Latitude: 54.372171, Longitude: -2.492956

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