Dozmary Pool

Cornwall, England
Family Friendly

About Dozmary Pool

Dozmary Pool can be found on the moody and beguiling Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, UK. The name 'Dozmary' is believed to mean 'drop of sea', which is fitting considering the lake's relatively small size. Dozmary Pool has a long human history dating back to the Neolithic period and many archaeologically significant artefacts have been discovered here. The lake was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1951 to protect the important biological features of the area.

Dozmary pool is the intriguing subject of many myths and legends, the most famous relating to King Arthur and Excalibur. According to local folklore, Dozmary is inhabited by the Lady of the Lake, guardian of the sword of Excalibur. King Arthur is said to have rowed into the lake to receive the sword. The sword was returned to the lake by Bedivere, Knight of the Round Table, on King Arthur's wishes after he was fatally wounded in battle.

Cornwall, England
Latitude: 50.542087, Longitude: -4.549914

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