Earlswood Lakes

Warwickshire, England
Family Friendly

About Earlswood Lakes

The Earlswood Lakes (Engine Pool, Terry’s Pool and Windmill Pool) are man-made reservoirs formed in the 1820s and now managed by the Earlswood Lakes Partnership. Supplying water to the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal, the three lakes also provide a range of leisure facilities. Fishing is permitted in all three lakes, although in Terry’s Pool, it is restricted to the head bank adjoining Engine Pool as the remainder of the lake is a nature reserve. Here you’ll find a rich array of plant and animal life, including Daubenton’s and Pipistrelle bats, Muntjac Deer and snapping turtles. Sailing is popular on Windmill Lake.

Wildlife Watching
Warwickshire, England
Latitude: 51.221492, Longitude: -0.181356

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