Lake Louise

Alberta (Province), Canada

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About Lake Louise

For a beautifully picturesque destination, the choice has to be Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.  Situated in Banff National Park, this serene location is a place of beauty.  From the emerald glacial lake with a surface area of 0.8 km2 (0.3 sq mi) and the gorgeous waterfalls, to the alpine forests and ice-capped mountains; the fairytale scenery of Lake Louise is absolutely spectacular.


Popularly known as Canada’s ‘Diamond in the Wilderness’ and ‘Jewel of the Canadian Rockies’, there is an abundance of activities on offer here.  Home to one of North America’s supreme downhill ski areas, the opportunity to take to the slopes is in the form of either cross-country or alpine.  Popular in the winter months, other snowy sports include heli-skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating.  To push the adrenalin somewhat, show-shoeing and ice climbing are also available.

For the summer period, kayaking and canoeing on the famous lake, surrounded by the eye-catching atmosphere, is a popular choice.

Lake Louise is not famous for being the ‘Hiking Capital of Canada’ for no reason as a series of exhilarating hiking trails surround the lake which are also open to mountain biking, horseback riding and rock climbing.  For an alternative method of travel, let an ATV do the hiking for you on the Paradise Ridge Tour.  Beginning at an elevation of 1,280 m (~4200 ft), the vehicle ascends along the ridges to points overlooking the mountain valleys.

There are many excursions within the confounds of the lake and the Banff National Park, of which a wildlife safari has to be a must.  Educating you about the amazing wildlife and their environment, the guides will provide you with a greater understanding of animal behaviour in their natural habitat.

The well-known Rat’s Nest Cave will be your setting while you navigate one of the fascinating cave tours, climbing through the underground caverns.

Lake Louise is an unforgettable experience and a fabulous introduction to one of the many highlights of Canada.

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Caravanning / RVing
Paddle Boarding
Cross-Country Skiing
Ice Climbing
Skiing & Snowboarding
Alberta (Province), Canada
Latitude: 51.412544, Longitude: -116.22709

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