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About Lake Superior

The largest of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Superior vastly lives up to its name with a surface area of 82,103 km2 (31,700 sq mi) of water that would easily house all of the other Great Lakes combined.  Its square mile statistics make it the largest freshwater continental lake by area in the world.  Surrounded by Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, the glacial lake contains 10% of all of the earth’s fresh surface water.  Quite simply, Lake Superior is a giant among lakes.

Fed by over 200 rivers the lake is encircled by a number of scenic parks and natural harbours.  Glorious in nature, Lake Superior is home to over 80 species of fish, 58 different kinds of native orchids and on the north shore, as many as 10,000 birds of prey may pass by.

Lake Superior currently freezes over completely around once every twenty years, but scientists are concerned that global warming is now taking its toll. Summer water temperatures are increasing year on year and the lake could be ice-free by 2040.


For a vast scope of the Great Lakes, tourists can drive around the scenic road system known as the Great Lakes Circle Tour.  There is a stopover at the southern shore of Lake Superior, where the area known as the Graveyard of the Great Lakes is situated. Here you can take part in a diving expedition to witness the several shipwrecks that lie on the bed of the lake. Other activities in the area include fishing, boating and swimming or, in the winter months, ice fishing, skiing and snowmobiling are on offer to whet your appetite.  Lake Superior particularly is a fisherman’s dream, so much so that the commercial and sport fishing industry in the area is now valued at more than $4 billion annually.

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United States of America, Canada
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