Loch Cluanie

Highland, Scotland

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Loch Cluanie is a loch situated in the northwest side of Highland, Scotland. The dam that established Loch Cluanie was construted in 1957, by Mitchell Construction, as part of the Glenmoriston hydroelectric project applied by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board. The Cluanie dam has a lengh of 675 m(2214 feet) and a height of 40 m( 131 feet). The dam is as well the residence of the free music festival Midge Death kept every year in September. The west side of the loch is put out of sight by the famed Cluanie Curtain, a bank of rainfall that goes east up the loch but rarely reaches as far as the dam.

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Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 57.147301, Longitude: -5.10079

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