Loch Freuchie

Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Family Friendly

Loch Freuchie is located near Dunkeld, Perth and Kinross, Scotland. The loch stands in a pastoral area surrounded by green fields and patches of woodlands. It offers the setting for pleasant walks for about 4-5 hours, in open countryside. The terrain is slightly rough in places, so attention is needed. 
A small shingle beach offers a great viewpoint for watching the birdlife on the loch. Along the shores of Loch Freuchie you will find several sites of ruined communities, something consisting of houses and a mill, the home to 10-15 families. 
Close to the south west shore near to Glenquaich Lodge there is a crannog (a man-made island), which has been planted with conifers. 
Loch Freuchie is a trout-fishing loch.

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Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Latitude: -3.847241, Longitude: -3.847241