Low Water

Cumbria, England
Partially Family Friendly

About Low Water

Despite its name, Low Water is actually at an altitude of 547 m (1,795 ft), below the eastern crags of the Old Man of Coniston and Brim Fell, which surround it on three sides. Formerly dammed to provide water for the quarries below, it is now completely natural, with a shoreline mainly lined with grass. It is best seen from above on the ridge between Brim Fell and Old Man, where it sparkles in sunlight, unlike its close neighbour Goats Water Tarn, which is overshadowed by the cliffs of Dow Crag. Three unnamed becks flow into it while it flows outwards into Low Water Beck, leading into Levers Water Beck in the valley below. It can be reached via the tourist path from Coniston to the top of the Old Man via the eastern quarries.

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Cumbria, England
Latitude: 54.374458, Longitude: -3.117975

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