Moel Hebog

Gwynedd, Wales
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Moel Hebog is a mountain in north Wales, region of Gwynedd. Its elevation reaches 783 m (2569 feet) and is classified as a Marilyn. It dominates the sight west from the village of Beddgelert. It presents a rocky face with a distinctive pointed peak, although from other sides, it appears more rounded. The exposed rock means that it is frequently visited by students of geology. Much of the summit is composed of welded, fiamme rich volcanic rock, named rhyolitic tuff. The most popular ascent is from Beddgelertt which can be mixed with the nearby summits of Moel yr Ogof and Moel Lefn, which is an easy climb.

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Gwynedd, Wales
Latitude: 53, Longitude: -4.13333

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