Mount Ama Dablam

Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal

Not Suitable For Families

About Ama Dablam

Located in the Nepal region of the Himalaya range, Ama Dablam is arguably one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Its unique shape alone is enough to earn it such a prestigious title. Ama Dablam means ‘Mother’s necklace’, named after the long ridges that extend on each side like arms, and the central hanging glacier shaped like a ‘dablam’ necklace. 
Mount Ama Dablam has two peaks; the main peak reaches an elevation of 6,812 m (22,349 ft) while the second lower peak reaches 5,563 m (18,251 ft). 


Autumn is considered the best time of year to climb as the weather becomes more settled after the monsoon season. In December it starts to become quite cold and in spring, while temperatures are warmer, the weather is also prone to being more unsettled with increasing cloud and decreasing visibility due to the haze. At any time of the year, though, the weather can change rapidly and be unpredictable, and also temperatures drop dramatically as you ascend.


It is the third most popular climbing mountain in the Himalayas, first conquered in 1961. The mountain offers a challenging but exhilarating climb. Although Ama Dablam is not as high as Mount Everest, the climb is equally rewarding and requires similar skills and expertise. The south-west ridge is the most popular route, offering spectacular views and difficult terrain for expert climbers to face. Climbers typically rest at 3 picturesque camps on the ascent, although some climbs offer the option to head straight for the summit from camp 2. From the summit, climbers are rewarded with awe-inspiring views over the Himalayas, including an unrivalled panorama of four of the world’s highest peaks.


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Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal
Latitude: 27.863531, Longitude: 86.859066