Rivington Reservoir

Lancashire, England
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About Rivington Reservoirs

Upper and Lower Rivington Reservoirs are part of a chain of reservoirs situated along the length of several small valleys dammed and flooded in the 19th century to provide water to Liverpool. Remains of the buildings lost can still be seen when water levels are low. Lower Rivington has an activity centre on its banks, providing opportunities for water sports. Upper Rivington has an island and a bridleway runs alongside the reservoir. Fishing for bream, roach, perch, chub, rudd and pike is available by day ticket. The surrounding area features woodland and open spaces and is popular with walkers and cyclists. On the east bank of the Lower Rivington Reservoir lies Lever Park, donated by Lord Leverhulme, featuring a folly, a replica of Liverpool Castle.

Lancashire, England
Latitude: 53.623794, Longitude: -2.571927

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