Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory

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About Rock of Gibraltar

Located on the Iberian Peninsula in the UK territory of Gibraltar, the Rock of Gibraltar is a colossal limestone monolith. In ancient Greece the Rock of Gibraltar was called the Pillar of Hercules and believed to be the end of the known world; the name sticks to this day. At the foot of The Rock is a large city with a population of almost 30,000.

This huge rock is 426 m (1,398 ft) high and its upper part encompasses a large nature reserve. The reserve’s most famous residents; a community of over 250 Barbary macaques, are the only wild primates in Europe. The remarkably beautiful reserve and population of cheeky primates attract thousands of tourists every year to see striking flowers, numerous animal species and migratory birds.

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Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory
Latitude: 36.144093, Longitude: -5.341728