Sarek National Park

Lappland (Province), Sweden

Not Suitable For Families

About Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is situated in the Jokkmokk municipality of Lapland, north Sweden. The park covers an area of 1,970 km2 (760 mi2) and contains six of Sweden’s mountains over 2,000 m (6,600 ft), as well as almost 600 other mountain peaks. There are also over 100 glaciers in the park. It is the one of the oldest National Parks in Europe.

Flora and Fauna

With four distinct altitude levels (montane, subalpine, alpine and humid zones), the park contains a range of habitats for 182 vertebrate species, 24 mammals, 142 bird species, 2 each of amphibian and reptile species and 12 fish species. Rare mammals include the endangered wolverine, and the Arctic fox and grey wolf, which are critically endangered at national level.


The park makes almost no concession to tourists – there are no marked trails and hardly any bridges crossing the many streams and rivers. Nor are there are any shelters. This together with the rugged terrain, high altitudes and unforgiving climate means that visitors should have a great deal of experience before embarking on exploration of the area.


The park is a popular destination for experienced and hardy hikers and mountaineers who can enjoy climbing mountains, fording streams and rivers and crossing glaciers to be rewarded with views such as the Rapa River delta from the summit of Mount Skierffe. The surrounding alpine scenery is also very beautiful.

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Lappland (Province), Sweden
Latitude: 67.284773, Longitude: 17.67108