Stanage Edge

Derbyshire, England

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About Stanage Edge

Stanage Edge in the Peak District National Park is a renowned millstone grit escarpment. The longest gritstone edge in England, it is around 3.5 miles in length (6km) and runs from the Cowper Stone to Stanage End. Its highest point, High Neb, is 1,503 feet (458m) above sea level.

It’s set in a backdrop of varied moorland, offering fantastic views of the contrasting countryside around. To the east, there’s a natural wilderness of bog land, and to the west lies Hope Valley, a tranquil oasis of green fields and wooded areas dotted with rustic villages.

The edge attracts climbers and walkers of all abilities.  Its gritstone face, naturally eroded by the weather, makes it ideal for rock climbing and there are hundreds of different recorded climbs which have welcomed both beginners and seasoned, record breaking climbers. This popularity makes it very busy in the summer, but there’s plenty of quieter walking country in the surrounding areas if you’re looking for a quieter, more isolated experience.

Stanage was used as a quarry for grindstones in the past, and some can still be seen littering the surrounding area. Other historic features include the remains of the Long Causeway Roman Road and, from the early 20th century, drinking basins made to collect rainwater for grouse to drink.

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Derbyshire, England
Latitude: 53.347305, Longitude: -1.633256

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