Sutherland Falls

Southland (Region), New Zealand
Partially Family Friendly

About Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls is located in New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park on the South Island of New Zealand. This tiered waterfall on the Arthur River dramatically cascades in three drops down its total height of 580 m (~1,903 ft), ranking it one of the world’s highest. Originating from Lake Quill, a large lake fed by glaciers around it, this spectacular waterfall seems to gallop down from one tier to another, in drops of 229 m (~751 ft), 248 m (~814 ft) and 103 m (~338 ft) into the pool at its base. The spray creates a perpetual fine mist which shrouds the falls.

First encountered in 1880 by Donald Sutherland, a prospector (after whom the Falls were named), tourists began to visit this landmark around eight years later, and its popularity has ever increased since.

How to get there

Unlike many of New Zealand’s waterfalls, Sutherland Falls is relatively easy to access on foot by way of the Milford Track. It is quite a hike, though - 23 km (~14 mi) - a stop-off is recommended. Another option would be to view the area from the air – flight tours are available in the nearby city of Te Anau. The captivating beauty of the Falls is indeed an ideal vision of nature at its best.

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Southland (Region), New Zealand
Latitude: -44.800044, Longitude: 167.730674