Sylt Island

Schleswig-Holstein (State), Germany

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About Sylt

Sylt is an island at the northernmost tip of Germany. It is 99 km2 (38.2 mi2) in area and lies with the North Sea to its west and the Wadden Sea to the east. Known for its tourism, its resorts include Westerland, Kampen and Wenningstedt-Braderup.


Sylt has a marine climate with milder winters, lower precipitation and more sunshine than mainland Germany, although summer temperatures are also cooler.

Fauna and Flora

In recognition of its uniqueness, around 50% of the island is protected through designated conservation zones and nature reserves; and the tidal mudflats around Sylt are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sylt originally had no native trees – those you see today were imported in the 19th century. The Sylt rose which proliferates on the island was also imported and is so widespread that it may now threaten local species.

The island’s heathlands on the eastern side protects many rare animal and plant species and notably has over 600 species of butterfly. The dunes are home to a thriving colony of Natterjack Toad which is endangered elsewhere in Germany.

Sylt is a resting spot for many migrating birds and the waters around it are a breeding area for Harbour seals, Grey seals and Harbour porpoises.


The island has 40 km (~25 mi) of sandy beaches to the west and is a major venue for water sports. Conditions are great for sailing, surfing and kite boarding. The island is also known for its spa resorts which promote health and wellness, particularly Westerland and Wenningstedt.

Sylt is also famous for its nudist beaches. The island’s dunes though are designated nature reserves and you may only walk on marked paths to protect the fragile environment from erosion.

How to Get There

Train links connect Sylt to the German mainland via the Hindenburgdamm, a causeway. Trains run from Niebüll and Klanxbüll, with Niebüll trains carrying cars as well as passengers. Sylt also has an airport.

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Schleswig-Holstein (State), Germany
Latitude: 54.908199, Longitude: 8.31929