Tegg's Nose

Cheshire, England

Family Friendly

Tegg's Nose is a hill on the western side of Peak District, located near Macclesfield in Cheshire, England. Its height reaches 380 metres ( 1250 feet). Much of its area makes part of Tegg's Nose Country Park, run by Cheshire East Council Countyside Management Service. It is includes a range of environments, such as moorland, meadow, farmland and is rich in wildlife. The moorland is ruled by wood sage, heather and bilberry, and the meadow support a series of wild flowers such as mountain pansy, tormentil and harebill. At the bottom of this hill stand the small Bottoms Reservoir and Teggsnose Reservoir.

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Cheshire, England
Latitude: 53.249438, Longitude: -2.080919

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