Thornton Force

North Yorkshire, England

Partially Family Friendly

About Thornton Force

Thornton Force is a geologically significant waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. It is one of the most popular and well-known attractions on the famed Waterfalls Trail. The River Twiss plunges 46 ft (14 metres) from a limestone platform into a pool below. The limestone cliff is believed to have formed 330 million years ago and the sandstone rocks below some 500 million years ago.

An observation area at the waterfall offers fantastic views and great photograph opportunities. Visitors can enjoy an atmospheric and scenic picnic lunch here, serenaded by the thundering water. The 4.5 mile (8 km) Waterfalls Trail incorporates 9 magnificent falls (including Thornton Force) and a variety of landscapes, geological features and wildlife.

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North Yorkshire, England
Latitude: 54.172743, Longitude: -2.469037

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