Voyageurs National Park

Minnesota, United States of America

Partially Family Friendly

About Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park is in Minnesota and was named for the French-Canadian fur traders who were the first Europeans to frequent the area. It was established in 1975 and lies on the border between the USA and Canada, welcoming around 177,000 visitors annually. 

Of its 882 km2 (~340 mi2) about one third is covered with water, mainly by four of its 30 plus lakes. There are over 900 islands in total. 

Landscape Features

Kabetogama Peninsula is the largest land mass in the park and is only accessible by boat (or over ice in the winter). There are no roads on the peninsula and the terrain is rugged, with forests growing on the upland areas in the park. Years of logging have stripped it of its original trees, but nature and replanting have replaced them with new secondary growth.


The habitats are home to black bears and white-tailed deer as well as smaller mammals which typically include foxes, otters, muskrats and weasels. This is the only region left in continental America that the eastern timber wolf still inhabits, although you probably won’t see one - they are shy and avoid humans, but you may see tracks in winter. There are over 240 species of birds and bald eagles are a common sight. 

Unsurprisingly, aquatic life abounds and fishing is a key attraction – not every lake carries every species, but Walleye, Northern pike, Smallmouth bass, lake trout and Yellow Perch are common to many.


There are around 80 km (~50 mi) of hiking trails, most of which are on the peninsula, but the best way to explore is by water, whether by canoe, kayak or motorboat. Boat tours led by a ranger are available.

The skies are clear at night and without light pollution from neighboring cities, the Aurora Borealis can be clearly sighted from this park alongside a host of magnificent stellar constellations all year round.

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Minnesota, United States of America
Latitude: 48.482025, Longitude: -92.836061