Anglesey AONB

Isle of Anglesey, Wales

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Anglesey was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966, in order to defend the aesthetic appeal and variety of the island's coastal scenery and habitats from inappropriate development. Anglesey is an island on the nort west side of Wales, with a surface of 715 square km (276 square mi), being the widest island of Wales and the fifth widest surrounding UK. The island's entire rural coastline feature many sandy beaches, particularly along its eastern coast between Beaumaris and Amlwch and along the western coast from Ynys Llanddwyn to the small bays near Carmel Head. Some of the principal characteristics of Anglesey, being a AONB, are low cliffs succeeding with coves and pebble beaches, sheer limestone cliffs mixed with nice sandy beaches, stretches of sand dunes along beaches.

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Isle of Anglesey, Wales
Latitude: 53.288694, Longitude: -4.426998

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