Arbroath Beach

Angus, Scotland
Family Friendly

About Arbroath Beach

Arbroath is mostly known for its smoked haddock (Arbroath Smokies), but its wonderful beach and splendid Abbey are well worth a visit. Arbroath beach is a fabulous spot to celebrate a pleasant day relaxing or making sand castles, if you happen to have a young family. It owns designated bathing waters which are surrounded by a cycle way and a grassy surface next to the car park. The cliff-top path above the beach gives amazing coastal sights and is an ideal spot for seeing an array of seabirds. It has a children’s play area and rock pools to consider, and Kerr’s Miniature Railway – the oldest miniature railway in Scotland, which is situated close. The optimum access to the beach is from West Links Leisure Park and from the car park next to the little red lighthouse, situated south of the town.

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Angus, Scotland
Latitude: 56.557945, Longitude: -2.572

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