Avon Gorge

Bristol, England

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About Avon Gorge

This 2.5 km (1.5 mi) long limestone gorge is on the River Avon in Bristol. Running from south to north, it forms the boundary between North Somerset and Bristol.

Its steep walls are a haven for wildlife, particularly peregrine falcons, jackdaws, horseshoe bats and rare invertebrates; and rare flora - 27 nationally rare and scarce plants thrive in the gorge’s unique micro-climate, which is on average one degree warmer in temperature than surrounding area. In fact, a 380 acre area is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The Bristol side is used extensively by climbers; there are 750 climbing routes, some extremely challenging. A footpath and National Cycle Network cycle path runs alongside the Portishead Railway and a towpath.

Bristol, England
Latitude: 51.455012, Longitude: -2.627702

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