Aysgarth Falls

North Yorkshire, England

Partially Family Friendly

About Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls are a dramatic series of three waterfalls on the River Ure in mid-Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales of England, near the village of Aysgarth. The River Ure winds through the valley, formed in the last ice age, before dropping over the three ledges which are stepped to form the falls over a 30 m (98 ft) stretch.

Flora and Fauna

The waters of the River Ure are exceptionally clean and so are rich in wildlife. Brown trout, grayling and the nationally rare white-clawed crayfish inhabit the river. The rich insect population including mayflies and stoneflies encourage a healthy bird population too and you may see dippers diving for food in its waters, as well as several wagtail species. Walks in the woods nearby, you may also spot other wild birds, squirrels and deer. 


There is a viewing platform at the middle Falls, which is reached via a wheelchair-friendly path. The upper Falls are accessible only by those with greater mobility.

There are various paths leading to and from the Falls, allowing access to the wider site including woodland walks and great views of the Falls from other angles.

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North Yorkshire, England
Latitude: 54.292532, Longitude: -1.985469

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