Dove Hole Cave

Derbyshire, England
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About Dove Holes Caves

Dove Holes Caves are in the valley of Dovedale in the Peak District of England. The valley was carved by the two Ice Ages and subsequently the River Dove; and stretches for just over 5 km (3 mi). These dry caves were once used by hunters as shelters around 13,000 BCE and later, (4,500 years ago) as tombs by Neolithic farmers.

The caves lie beside a bend in the river Dove near Nab Dale in what is part of the Dovedale National Nature Reserve, designated in 2006 because of its diverse plant life and natural rock formations. Their oval forms were probably created by swirling meltwaters when massive glaciers filled the valley.

Dove Holes Caves are very accessible to walkers passing by on the path alongside the River Dove. The larger cave has a somewhat steep rocky entrance; the smaller is somewhat shallower. However, though they are impressive to look at, they are quite shallow with no deep passages leading off to explore.

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Derbyshire, England
Latitude: 53.059706, Longitude: -1.776744

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