Heights of Abraham Country Park

Derbyshire, England

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About Heights of Abraham Country Park

This is a hilltop park on top of Masson Hill in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, set over 60 acres of woodland.

It can be accessed from the nearby village by gondola cable car, the first ever alpine cable car in Britain, which runs regularly over a deep limestone gorge. Once there, activities include tours of the two caverns and mines: Great Masson Cavern, which was once mined for lead ore; and Great Rutland Cavern, formerly mined for lead and other minerals.

Various other historic attractions on the site include the Victoria Prospect Tower, from which there are panoramic views of the Derwent Valley. Well-maintained pathways and heritage trails lead walkers through nature-filled woodlands and lead to all major sights in the area.

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Derbyshire, England
Latitude: 53.124164, Longitude: -1.557023

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