Filby Broad

Norfolk, England

Family Friendly

About Filby Broad

Filby is one of five broads in the Trinity Broads network, which has been a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1998 and is part of the wider Broads Special Area of Conservation. It also lies within the Broads National Park. Its primary use is as a reservoir for the Yarmouth and Broadlands areas and as such, is owned and managed by the Essex and Suffolk Water Company.

A public boardwalk runs along the north-west side and there is a fishing platform suitable for wheelchair users. As the Trinity Broads are environmentally important, sailing and boating is carefully regulated to protect the site; however, rowing boats are available for hire and there are guided canoe trails. Motor boats are not permitted but sailing lessons are offered locally.

Norfolk, England
Latitude: 52.662686, Longitude: 1.633308

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