Glen Lyon National Scenic Area

Perth and Kinross, Scotland
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Glen Lyon is located in Perth and Kinross region of Scotland. It is the lengthiest surrounded glen in Scotland and leads for about 55 km (34 miles) from Loch Lyon in the west to the village of Fortingall, in the east. Glen Lyon is one of the few sites where Scotland's Celtic past was maintained alive, especially a worship of the old Celtic deities, from the Sun God Lugh, to the Creator Goddess the Cailleach. The River Lyon drives among the glen and rolls among corries, gorges and riverine meadows. Two distant lochs, Loch Lyon and Loch an Daimh, stay in the wild upper reaches of the glen and the obsessive lovely remains of the old Caledonian forest are noticeable, too.

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Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Latitude: 56.583302, Longitude: -4.33333

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