Harrop Tarn

Cumbria, England

Partially Family Friendly

About Harrop Tarn

Harrop Tarn is a quiet, secluded patch of water lying in Wythburn to the west of Thirlmere Reservoir within the forest of the same name. Its elevation is 303 m (994 ft) and its actual depth is unknown, although it is certainly deep enough for fishing. It lies in a hollow beneath Tarn Crags' sheer cliffs and the lower slopes leading to the shoreline are conifer-clad. At its eastern end, its outflow Dob Gill emerges, dropping through a series of impressive waterfalls to join Thirlmere Reservoir. The tarn's shallows are an ideal habitat for sedge, water horsetail and yellow water lily, while wildlife in the surrounding area includes red deer, herons, buzzards and red squirrels.

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Cumbria, England
Latitude: 54.513147, Longitude: -3.065541

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