Holkham National Nature Reserve

Norfolk, England

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About Holkham National Nature Reserve

England’s largest National Nature Reserve Holkham covers an area of 3,900 ha (9,600 acres) on the Norfolk coast. The mosaic landscape of this reserve encompasses diverse habitats, including woodland, salt marsh, sand dunes, pastures and creeks. The reserve is managed in partnership by the Holkham estate and Natural England.

The reserve lures in over 100,000 visitors a year. Around 39% of these visitors cite birdwatching as the primary reason for their visit; Holkham is home to a richly diverse collection of bird species. Horse riding, hiking and beach recreation are among some of the other popular activities at Holkham Reserve. Unfortunately, the high visitor numbers is having a detrimental effect on the fragile landscape. However, the reserve’s management team is acting to protect the area’s natural beauty and delicate wildlife whilst still encouraging visitors.

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Norfolk, England
Latitude: 52.967277, Longitude: 0.814269

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