Lake Vyrnwy

Powys, Wales
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Lake Vyrnwy is situated near Llanwddyn, in Powys, Wales, with a width of 1.05 km (0.65 miles), a length of 7.64 km (4.75 miles) and a maximum depth of 26 m (85 feet). The dam on the lake was built in 1880. It is supplied by the River Vyrnwy, which runs from the Welsh mountains, and it runs for 63.9 km (39.7 miles). This lake is a designated Nature Reserve, with a couple of bird hides around it. It includes a series of rare species birds, including peregrine falcon, pied flycatcher, redstart, siskin. The 68 miles aqueduct which carries water from the lake to Liverpool is officially named the Vyrnwy Large Diameter Trunk main.

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Powys, Wales
Latitude: 52.78013, Longitude: -3.488771

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