Lorelei Rock

Rhineland-Palatinate (State), Germany

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About Lorelei

Lorelei Rock stands on the eastern bank of the Rhine river near St. Goarshausen in Germany. It rises up almost vertically from the water, standing at 132 m (433 ft) above the water level. Currents in this area are very strong and that combined with the presence of rocks below the waterline have made it a danger to boats for many years.

It is also significant for marking the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rhine Gorge.

Its name is thought to derive from an old German word meaning ‘murmuring’, which refers to the way sound bounces off the rock with an echo effect. However, it could also be a reference to a maiden who, betrayed by her lover, sought to lure men to their death – a fitting name for a rock which has caused as many boating accidents as this.

Rhineland-Palatinate (State), Germany
Latitude: 50.139963, Longitude: 7.729804