Mosel River Bend in Bremm

Rhineland-Palatinate (State), Germany
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About the Mosel River Bend in Bremm

The Mosel River in Germany is a popular tourist destination, famed for its beautiful scenery and the excellent wine produced on its banks. The village of Bremm is a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate and lies on a bow in the river as it turns almost 360° back on itself to return the way it came. The area is known for its steep slopes on which the region’s vineyards overlook the river. The steepest recorded vineyard in the world is the Calmont vineyard, located on the Mosel and belonging to the village of Bremm, at an elevation of 380 m (~1,247 ft) above sea level and a slope of roughly 65°.


The area has a continental climate with generally cool temperatures, but the Bremmer Calmont is a south-facing slope and therefore receives the best of the sun (hence the success of the vineyards).


The vineyards themselves are of interest – the steep incline on which the vines are grown make them unsuitable for machinery so the grapes are still picked by hand.

There are a number of good hikes in the region, including a circular walk of about 3 - 4 km (1.8 - 2.5 mi) which climbs up through the Bremmer Calmont for great panoramic views of Bremm, the river and vineyards below. The path is narrow and the route moderately difficult, although it is made more accessible by the via ferrata (‘Klettersteig’ in German).

The Mosel-Radweg, a cycle route running along the Mosel, passes through Bremm on its 239 km (~148 mi) route from Perl to Koblenz. The entire stretch of this cycle path is paved, relatively flat and suitable for all ages and abilities.

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Rhineland-Palatinate (State), Germany
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