Moldoveanu Peak

Arges (County), Romania
Not Suitable For Families

About Moldoveanu Peak

Situated in Arges County in the Fagaras Mountains of the Southern Carpathians, Moldoveanu Peak is the highest mountain in Romania at an elevation of 2,544 m (~8,346 ft) above sea level. It is surrounded by other peaks nearly as high, so visitors need to get up close to see it in all its glory.

Fauna and Flora

There is little vegetation at the high altitudes this peak reaches – mainly small, but rare, low-growing plants. Bears, wolves and deer may be seen at in the forests at lower altitudes. Higher up, above the treeline, chamois live among the rocky ledges and the steep slopes provide ideal breeding grounds for birds of prey such as the golden eagle.


As well as by hiking and walking, it is also possible to ascend the mountain by mountain bike, although the last 8 km (~5 mi) is too steep for cycling and you’ll need to complete the ascent on foot. The total length by this route is around 90 km (56 mi) with an elevation gain of 2,940 m (~9,646 ft).

How to Get There

The most popular routes to reach Moldoveanu Peak are via paths leading from Podragu, Sambata or via the Vistea Valley, all of which also cross over the Vistea Mare, the third highest peak in Romania with an altitude of 2,527 m (~8,291 ft).

The Transfaragasan road (open only during the summer) gives spectacular views by car and stops by the Bâlea Lake, from which an ascent to the peak on foot will take at least six to eight hours.


As with most mountainous areas, the weather can be unpredictable, so come prepared for changeable weather. As there is little high vegetation at higher altitudes, there is little shade so sun protection is advisable.

Landscape Photography
Arges (County), Romania
Latitude: 45.599687, Longitude: 24.736183