Negoiu Peak

Arges (County), Romania
Not Suitable For Families

About Negoiu Peak

The second highest of Romania’s mountains, Negoiu Peak stands at an elevation of 2,535 m (~8,317 ft) above sea level. It is located in the Fagaras Mountains of the Southern Carpathians in Arges County.

Fauna and Flora

There is little vegetation at the high altitudes this peak reaches – mainly small, but rare, low-growing plants. Bears, wolves and deer may be seen at in the forests at lower altitudes. Higher up, above the treeline, chamois live among the rocky ledges and the steep slopes provide ideal breeding grounds for birds of prey such as the golden eagle.


The Fagaras Mountains are heavily glaciated with lakes, fretted peaks and moraine deposit, and the area is very popular for hiking, scrambling, trekking and climbing. There are various paths to the top of Negoiu. One of the most popular is from Balea Lake (a good ten hour trek), which takes in the Saua Doamnei and Laitel Peak (2,390 m / 7,841 ft), on to Caltun Lake and up to Strunga Dracului, a sheer cliff which requires ropes and a degree of experience for ascent.


The Negoiu Peak is known for powerful winds at its summit and unpredictable weather, so be prepared for strong sun, rain and cool temperatures all year round.

Landscape Photography
Arges (County), Romania
Latitude: 45.585122, Longitude: 24.558131