Ogden Water Country Park

West Yorkshire, England

Family Friendly

About Ogden Water Country Park

This park near Halifax was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2003 and centres on a 34 acre reservoir enclosed by mixed conifer and broadleaf woodland with over 30 different species of trees. Moorland lies beyond this, providing habitats for a wide variety of flora and fauna including grey squirrels, rabbits, roe deer and foxes and huge diversity of birds and insects.

The heather uplands and peat moors particularly are an internationally important breeding ground for birds. Walking routes run around the reservoir’s perimeter, with a path (around 2 km/ 1.25 mi in length) suitable for wheelchair use.

There are numerous woodland trails to explore; picnicking facilities; an educational centre; and a permanent orienteering course.

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West Yorkshire, England
Latitude: 53.773599, Longitude: -1.901331

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