Ruadh Stac Mor

Highland, Scotland
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About Beinn Eighe - Ruadh-stac Mor

Beinn Eighe is a complex mountain massif in Torridon area of the Scottish Highlands. It consists of a long ridge marked with many spurs and summits, of which the highest is Ruadh-stac Mor, at an elevation of 1,010 metres (3,314 feet).

The southern downhills of the summit are covered with quartzite screes, providing it with the distinctive grey colour of the Torridon hills. The northern side is littered with corries, including the famed Coire Mhic Fearchair, or ‘Triple Buttress Corrie’, three large rock features much visited by climbers.

Overall, the terrain of Ruadh Stack Mor offers climbers and hillwalkers a large variety of tracks, climbs and traverses, while the National Nature Reserve on the northern side provides access for the less physically active.

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Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 57.599028, Longitude: -5.430468

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