Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve

Somerset, England

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About Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve

Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve is located in the south-western English county of Somerset. It covers an area of 394 hectares (973.6 acres) and is an elected Site of Special Scientific Interest. The landscape primarily consists of reed beds and peatland, wildflower meadows, fens, fern woods and open water.

The reserve is populated by a diverse collection of animals, birds, plants and insects, the star attraction of which are otters. These charming semi-aquatic mammals can frequently be seen frolicking and feeding in their natural habitat.

Shapwick Heath has a long human history, as evidenced by the Sweet Track a Neolithic causeway and the oldest man-made road in the world. Visitors to the reserve can witness the innovation of man at the Sweet Track, observe nature at its finest and hike or cycle across the reserve on eight designated trails.

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Somerset, England
Latitude: 51.167719, Longitude: -2.816633

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