Aonach Mor

Highland, Scotland
Not Suitable For Families

Aonach Mor is a mountain near the town of Fort William, in Highland, Scotland. It is classified as a Munro, having a height of 1221 metres (4006 feet).  The Nevis Range alpine ski resort, located on the mountain's northern and eastern slopes, was opened in 1989, and it includes a gondola lift and a couple of chairlifts and ski tows, which are used for skiing and snowboarding. It lies near Ben Nevis and Nevis Range ski area. Lower than its neighbour Aonach Beag, it is well seen from the Commando Memorial. The easiest path to climb is simply taking the gondola and hike the remaining way.

Skiing & Snowboarding
Mountain Biking
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Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 56.81258, Longitude: -4.960542

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